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# Title : Alt-N MDaemon 13.0.3 and 12.5.6 Email Body HTML/JS Injection Vulnerability
# Published : 2013-02-21
# Author :
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   Alt-N MDaemon Email Body HTML/JS Injection Vulnerability

Software:  Alt-N MDaemon v13.0.3 and prior versions
Vendor: http://www.altn.com/
Vuln Type: HTML/JS Injection
Remote: Yes
Local: No
Discovered by: QSecure and Demetris Papapetrou
References: http://www.qsecure.com.cy/advisories/Alt-N_MDaemon_Email_Body_HTML_JS_Injection.html
Discovered: 14/09/2012
Reported: 19/12/2012
Fixed: 15/01/2013 (http://files.altn.com/MDaemon/Release/RelNotes_en.html)
Disclosed: 18/02/2013

Alt-N MDaemon is prone to an HTML/Javascript injection vulnerability
because it fails to sanitize user-supplied input.

Attacker-supplied HTML and/or JavaScript code could run in the context
of the affected site, potentially allowing the attacker to steal
cookie-based authentication credentials and control how the site is
rendered to the user; other attacks are also possible.

Alt-N MDaemon v13.0.3 & v12.5.6 were tested and found vulnerable;
other versions may also be affected.

PoC Exploit: