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# Title : Ultra Light Forum Persistant XSS Vulnerability
# Published : 2013-02-14
# Author :
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# Ultra Light Forum Persistant XSS Vulnerability
# By cr4wl3r http://bastardlabs.info
# http://bastardlabs.info/advisories/?id=86
# Script: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ultralightforum/files/
# Tested: Win 7

Description :
Ultra Light Forum developed in PHP and MySQL as a standalone forum with high speed, high user-friendliness. 
User can create, delete topic, can reply to others topic. 
The forum also comes with poll, where user can vote. To know more try UL Forum.

Proof of Concept :
Choose profile settings, and put the messages box with 
And update your profile
So if any user can view you profile, the script will be execute